Vow Renewals

According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, the following is the definition of the word renewal…to make new or fresh again, to establish or revive, to resume, and to give or get an extension.

Why renew your wedding vows???

There is no better way to say I love you still, than a public expression of your feelings, by once again speaking words of affection to one another. Renewing your vows is a sweet opportunity to reconnect and recommit to your spouse. Many couples choose to renew to mark significant years of togetherness, or just because it is a romantic gesture.

In my opinion, renewal and wedding ceremonies are different. Due to the passage of time, renewals are more about storytelling because of their shared history. Some couples go the extra step by routing to me a written narrative that provides the highlights of their years together. More often than not, my couples (you do become mine during this process) simply choose to look ahead with excitement, leaving the construction and the delivery of their renewal ceremony to me!