“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with our ceremony. It was so great to work with you – we would have been half as calm up there if it has been done by someone else. You just made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We had nothing to worry about because you made everything easy on us. Countless people came up to us raving about you and the way the ceremony flowed so smoothly.”
Amy & James
“Thank you Jen for your love and gentle spirit. We will treasure the words bestowed on us and will be forever grateful to you.”
Nancy & Keith
“You have no idea how much we appreciate your guidance and love in helping plan, and officiating our wedding. You are a true blessing.”
Teresa & Michael
“Thank you Jennifer so much for making our special day more special that we could ever imagine. You are one of the most wonderful people we know. You give so much of yourself, and ask for nothing in return. We feel very blessed to have the pleasure of knowing you and seeing what goodness you bring out of people.”
Tina & Oscar
“Jen thank you for your help on our wedding day. Everything with the ceremony was beautiful. We felt very comfortable and confident in your presentation.”
Emily & Tim
“We will never forget the events surrounding our wedding…September 11th 2001, a tropical storm, and our wedding that almost took place over the phone! Being out on the beach that evening was surreal and lovely. You will always be an important and treasured part of our wedding.”
Cynthia & Neal
“Oh Jen, you made our day so much better than I could have anticipated! You made the ceremony personal and warm, like you had known us forever. We were lucky to find you, the perfect person to marry us.”
Tracy & George
“Thank you for making our ceremony so beautiful. It was more than we ever dreamed. You captured some of our most intimate feelings and expressed them in such a touching way. We will never forget you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Janelle & Damon
“Jennifer, when we first met you, we loved you. You were so kind and genuine that we knew we had to have you as our officiant. We feel as though we have known you for years. You were so giving throughout the process, and our hope is that you can feel our gratitude.”
Pam & Jesse
“You are a beautiful soul and a wonderful person. You were exactly what we were looking for in an officiant. We could never have gotten through all this stress without you. Thanks for making our wedding dream a reality!”
Monica & Sam
“We can’t thank you enough Jen for everything you did, before – during – and after our event. You helped make the planning and executing so easy and relaxing! You hold a special place in our hearts, and always will.”
Brooke & Mark
“Thank you for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us. Having you with us was especially endearing since you married friends of ours a year ago. We appreciated your reassurance – your calm and soothing voice when we repeated our vows.”
Susan & Michael
“Along with us Jennifer, our families are crazy about you! You really and truly made our wedding experience absolutely wonderful, and we’ll be forever grateful.”
Janee & Jeff
“Thank you for your part in making our wedding so beautiful. We have had so many compliments on the beauty and uniqueness of our ceremony. We were so blessed to have found you. Your warmth and genuine care made it so memorable and precious. You have served to reinforce just how lucky we are to have found each other, and how important our union truly is. We will always keep you in our thoughts and prayers.”
Rebecca & Frank
“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing wedding ceremony. There was not a dry eye on the beach. We felt so blessed to have you with us, we now think you as our friend.”
Jessica & Chris
“The search for a wedding officiant from thousands of miles away was not easy. We chose you because we liked your happy smile and bright eyes that we saw on your website. We could not have made a better choice. Thanks for your patience and your time…you are the best.”
Barbara & Oliver
“We cannot say enough to express our gratitude for your service at our wedding. You were born to do your job! We were both bawling and you somehow calmed both of us down. We appreciated that you made our ceremony appropriate to us & our 10 years together.“
Rachel & Jack